Friday, November 12, 2010

Ouch! Neck!

Dear Neck,

I am not sure what I did to you, but I truly regret it. Please forgive me.

My sincerest apologies,



I am not sure what I did to my neck but man oh man does it hurt. It hurts really bad. I think I pulled a neck muscle or something. Its insanely stiff and hurts to turn my head, look down or up, or just lay there sobbing on my pillow. I've been icing it down to help with the pain. Can't really elevate it...

In other news, I got a very interesting email today. A man named Rob sent me an email to let me know he took his wife's last name too. Hi Rob! Thanks for the email! It was so great connecting with someone else in our situation. Amazing how that happens.

I'm totally overwhelmed by the number of positive responses I have been getting lately. Thank you all so much for commenting. You guys are the best.

I had a total "What the heck just happened moment" not too long ago. I sent Brian off to the store ("fetch me drinks!") and I told him he could buy a video game but I wanted a snack. I almost put "buy me a Reeses" as I have 7 points left today. But instead I put "buy me a WW peanut butter cup sundae" and then I reflected. Why did I choose that over a Reeses? And the immediate answer was "because a Reeses didn't sound good" WTH happened there!?

Interesting. Let's hope this trend continues.

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  1. Hey there - sorry for not checking in lately. I've been state-side the past few days and I'm just getting caught up. Sorry to hear about your neck. Ouch!


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