Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well, I admit, I've slacked in tracking. not that I am not logging every bite I eat, I am. But the difference is, I would spend at least a few minutes thinking about what I was going to eat, find out the points values for it, and then log it, all before eating. Then I wouldn't worry about what I was eating, because I had already come to terms with it. I like to think pre-tracking was a reason last month was so successful for me. It's easy to feel guilty after you've eaten a big meal and then have to see how many points it cost you. With pre-tracking its about making mindful choices. You have already acknowledged that those points were okay to spend.

What I have been doing is waiting until I was really hungry, and then feeling famished, stuffing food down my gullet, and then tracking, sometimes hours later. But I generally overestimated everything I ate, and have so far remained inside of my daily and weekly allowances.

Starting tomorrow- which is the beginning of my new week and weigh in- I am going back to pretracking. I am going to try and eat a little every few hours- a piece of cheese here, some mashed potatoes there- to keep myself from ever becoming truly ravenous.

This is what I need to work on. I need to follow my hunger signals and pretrack. I wasn't very hungry when I was pre-tracking. I am starving now- or so I think- and I have already used all of my points for the day. I will have to get this back under control. I am doing so good. I would hate to ruin all of my hard work with laziness.


  1. Sounds like a plan! I'm renewing my love affair with tracking this week too. ;)

  2. yay i love how you are taking stock of your life now and making changes


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