Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Days Go By

Well it is officially Tuesday now. The day before the weigh. 

Not that that *really* matters, since I weigh myself every day. 

Today I forgot to weigh myself until after I ate breakfast and I was fully clothed. Normally I weigh myself naked. I am pretty sure this is normal. 

The number on the scale surprised me, because I weighed 215.6 with clothes on. Without clothes, I weighed 214.5

I don't know about you, but that number makes me happy for a few reasons. 1) It means that naked I actually weigh less 2) That I have lost all the weight that I had gained and then some, and most importantly, I think 3) I am down 23.0 lbs since my highest weight ever. EVER. I guess it snuck up on me. Its hard to believe I have lost over that much, even though it took TWO years.

I never gave up (completely)
I was (somewhat) determined to make a change
I kept trying (half assed at least)

What does 23 pounds mean?

It means that I have lost 37% of the weight I wanted.
It means that I am only 2 lbs away from losing 25 lbs- no small amount of weight!
It means that I am doing this. 

The last time that I weighed 214, I remember it. It was shortly after I was married- not more than two weeks, I would guess. I was taking a weight loss drug. An expensive one. $135 a month. It worked so well for a while, in as little as 6 weeks I lost 23 pounds. I was so proud of myself. I wasn't eating much at all, just once a day. I hadn't eaten anything at all the day I stepped on the scale
Shortly after, however, the pills quit working. The low carb lifestyle quit working, all I wanted was bread bread pasta bread and more pasta. I regained the weight. I was still depressed. I was not in my happy place. 

Now, however- Life is great, its wonderful, its grand. It's everything I remember it being. And I don't feel that way because I lost weight, I lost weight because I feel this way. I have found what makes me happy (working! who knew!) I have a great husband, a supportive family (my mom eats all the peanut butter m&ms so I don't have to!) a nice apartment, a quiet life, and of course, Weight Watchers. 

Its been nearly 17 months since I started this journey. That's an average of 510 days. I shudder to think of my weight if I had not gained control of it. I think I would weigh 510 pounds.

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