Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 11 Weigh In

Weight Watchers is telling me its Wednesday, and you know what that means!! Weigh in!! YAY

I am down to 213.4 lbs. This is the littlest I have weighed in the last two years. It's a big accomplishment. It means I broke that plateau!! Some people lose weight before they hit a plateau, I hit a plateau before losing weight. I would gain and lose the same weight over and over again....

Not anymore. In the 11 weeks I have been on WW I have lost an average of 1.5 lbs a week.  To date, on program, I have lost 16.6 lbs! But what really matters is that I am sooo close to having lost 25 lbs from my all time highest weight of 237.5. I am at 24.1 lbs. Next week is my week. I feel it!!

Things that I didn't go crazy over this week:

-We ordered pizza. And breadsticks. I am awful about that stuff. In fact, I ate 42 points worth in one sitting. Truth be told I hadn't eaten all day, and I was pretty bummed out at the turn of events that day, so yes, I ate all of my daily points in pizza and only 8 weekly points, so it really wasn't that bad. Still, thats a lot of bad food to be eating in one go and did my tummy let me know it!!

-The knee is seriously impacting my day to day now. It hurts to pretty much do anything. Friday is my first appointment, so I am happy about that.

Non-Scale Changes:

I wouldn't really call these "victories" per se, but they are changes. 

-I have learned that pants do not sit right below your tits when you wear them. Some of them sit at your hips, others at your waist. This is as high as pants should go. I am notorious for Urkeling my pants because I want to cover up my belly flab- to make it look "smoother" if not a little smaller- and this is a hard habit to break. I found that "skinny" jeans work well for breaking this habit. I have to learn to wear my pants like a normal person. I have to own that I still have a gut. Why be ashamed of it any more? Its no different than wearing a girdle. I don't wear girdles. I own one, but I don't wear it.

-In line with the pants debacle, I have also noticed all of my work out clothes are too big. Apparently, if your ass falls out while you are doing the downward facing dog, your husband thinks you are trying to tempt him with a little bedroom action. You may get a surprise when you aren't looking...not that that is a bad thing!

-More ass news! I've never see anyone mention this, so I might as well. When you are bigger, there are certain activities that are more difficult to do. Namely, its hard to wipe thoroughly when you go to the bathroom. Reaching back there, you could pull a muscle. Or you might get toilet paper stuck in between your butt cheeks. Or when your ass itches, you have to dig your way through the flab first. It can also be difficult to wash, because its easy to not get all the soap out (which can make you itchy lol) I have noticed that I have not had one of those problems lately. In fact, last night, I was laying in bed scratching, and I was marveled at the size of my butt. It's so tiny!

-Ok, no more ass news! YAY! Another thing I have noticed though, is that I have a lot more moles than I thought I did. They are peeking out of fat folds, hiding under my shrinking boobs, and on my inner thighs. I freak out whenever I find one, asking Brian if they have always been there. He tells me they have, which is strange, because I don't remember them. I guess my range of motion is increasing a bit as well as my fat stores are having a liquidation sale, so I am just now seeing them.

-My boobs! They are shrinking!! When I was my heaviest I was a 44DD (or larger). My bust was 48 inches across its fullest point (my hips were 51) and I am now a 40DD (40") When I was thin, I was a 36-38DD so I am not too worried. Considering I have another 40ish pounds to lose until I get back to my hot weight, I will likely be a 38D. No more double. I've also lost an incredible 4.5" off my stubborn hips. I have no idea about my waist though. Apparently every time I measure it, I am picking a different spot, so my data is all jacked up. Its shrinking though. I can see my feet.

So as a wrap up, I've lost a total of 24 lbs (16.6 in 11 weeks!) I need new clothes, my ass doesn't itch as much, and my boobs are shrinking.

I'd say thats a good week!

Still working on the vlog. I've recruited Brian to "help me" (read as: "take over and do it") as I shot all the video, and I am tired of looking at it. It will be done in no time. I have to bounce, I have a test to study for today and I need all the time I can get. Have a good one!!


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