Thursday, January 27, 2011

73 Points+ and Mail

I was feeling all blah and boohooey and pretty much fed up with life yesterday. :( So I asked Brian if we would be able to do something fun and different tonight and he suggested we go out to eat. Okay, I'm lying; he suggested a movie, I suggested we go out to eat. Who am I kidding, right?

Anyway we went out to Applebee's (because they were the only ones open after 10 pm and Brian got off work at 9:30) and I spent a few hours looking up what I was going to have online before we got to the restaurant, so I could eat guilt free.

We got a plate of spinach dip to share. I had half. An entire portion is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1600 calories or 43 Points+. It was 22 P+ for a half portion.

That's HALF?! I mean, it's half :)

I also got a pomegranate margarita! Except it was more a martini. Maybe it was a martini? I dont know! But it was. De. Lish. Us! And there were enough for 2! Which I drank! (Brian wasn't fond of it) And they were 9 P+ each.... we aren't even to dinner yet, and I've already used 31 P+!

Yes, I am enjoying my drink!

[Okay, now that I am looking at my Weight Watchers mobile app cocktail cheat sheet, I have decided that this is, in fact, a martini! Obviously I don't drink much! so that saves me 4 P+ per! YAY!]

Dinner was the riblet basket with sweet and spicy sauce. No pic of this, because my phone died. I think it may have died in shame? I can't be sure.  Anyway, it was good but a little too spicy (Uhm hello? It was sweet & SPICY? Duh!) so I only ate 3/4 of it, but it was still a whopping 24 Points+. (32 for the full thing, I believe.)

All in all my dinner was 64 Points+ (yikes!) and my grand total for the day: 73.

And this is why you can't eat out all the time and still lose weight! This meal was nearly double what I am allotted in a day! Granted, I didn't really *need* the drinks... that would have saved me 10 P+, but I wanted them. Now I only have 10 weekly left! But it. was. worth. it.

Hey, I tracked. Good thing I earned that AP!
I am glad I went (the food was great!) because now I can see how much food is way too much! I am glad I tracked too, even though it was a lot of food. I know that if I hadn't, then I would have ate more. This is what we call planning, kiddos.

I got something exciting in the mail today. What you may ask? I will give you a hint!

It's a card!
The very lovely Alexia over at Dimple Snatcher decided to do a giveaway one day. What was she giving away? Lovely handmade cards! She sent me one and we are now, officially, pen pals. Yay!!

Inside she wrote in pen, it was so marvelous. I love how it wasn't perfect! There were little scribbles, it was written in pen, there was a doodle of a cat on there! It was so retro and so well made. I love it!! I am keeping it forever.  In her letter she said two things that really struck a cord with me and almost made me cry. She said

"Thank you for all the kindness you've sent my way. I really, really appreciate your have no idea...."

and the second bit is even better:

"You are so genuine. And I can relate to your struggles. I'm going to love watching you get to goal. Thanks for inspiring me, I'll never forget"

Aww, Alexia!! Sniffles! Thank you so much for your kind words. And your faith and support. You have made me smile more today than I have all week!

Now, I have to go! I need to get to the store and buy some crafty supplies so I can make a handmade card or two. Someone is waiting on their return card! ;) And family members need to see pics of Max, so I will have to hop to it!


  1. Don't feel too bad. I drank 25 PointsPlus in beer and rum last night. Ugh.... I'm 32 years old and I still think I can drink like a 21-year-old. I'm feelin' it today.

  2. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))
    You got it so quickly!!
    Hahaha, hilarious, glad the food was worth it. I never regret eating out if it's within reason, planned in advance, and the food is delicious :)

  3. Oh my gosh! HAHAHAH. I love that you include me in your labels! hahahah


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