Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my father in law today. He's turning the big 6-0! I made him this card


And we are going to a Chinese restaurant. Oh how I love Chinese food.

But its so bad for you. Probably why I love it.

Me + bad food = Gollum + Precious

The Precious! We savedes it!

so my game plan is this: Dinner is at 2. It's nearly noon. Going to do a quick 20 minute ride on the bike (also to help me get over the bloat of last night, wherein I had way too many chips and delicious dip) guzzle some water, and then take a shower and get ready.

The best part of short hair? Totally being able to blow dry it in 10 minutes instead of 70000 hours
Off to sweat it ooooouuut! Maybe it will help me feel energized because I was up until 6 am and slept poorly (the aforementioned bloat)

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