Saturday, January 29, 2011

Puzzle Quest and Quilt Pics

First the quilt pictures! It was the most beautiful quilt EVER!! 

Ducks! Or more specifically, LOONS!

This patch was specifically pointed out to me.
Its of Family Circus and it was supposed to say "He's playing catch with God"
Little kids are funny :)

Second! I started doing a puzzle. As in, a jigsaw puzzle. Do you remember those? The one I picked was a 2000 piece (yes, two thousand pieces) of van Gogh's The Starry Night which is my absolute most favorite painting ever!

I also wanted to see how many hours it would take to finish the puzzle so I made a spreadsheet with things like date, time started, time stopped, total time spent in minutes, who was working on it, and when it was completed. I am also taking a pic when I start and when I finish that session, all the way until the completion of the puzzle. Then it's going to go into a time-lapse/slideshow video.

I spent a little over half an hour today looking for the border pieces and I only got about a third of the way through all of the pieces. It will be a challenge :) Brian wants to help too and I think there will be plenty to go around!

Of course, there will be blog updates about it.

Tomorrow is Brian's dad's birthday party and we are going to a Chinese buffet! I am going to have to seriously think about what I want to eat before I go and do my best to stick to WW.

I also still have to Zumba today. I haven't all week! :(

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