Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Achievement Unlocked

I just really discovered that you get "achievements" on Weight Watchers! Now, I am a gamer. That means uh yeah, I will do some crazy shit to boost my gamer score. Don't get me wrong, I won't try and unlock every single achievement on a game but I will try my hardest to get most of them. I don't know why- my gamer score isn't something I can put on a resume or anything. ("Holy shit Jim! We have to hire this girl- her gamer score is over 9000!") But it really feels like, well, an achievement when I unlock these things. I know, it's silly. But I really like achievements and I feel like I won something every time I unlock one.

And now that I noticed WW has them, it means I am going to try and unlock them again and again. The easiest, of course, is the Daily Achiever award, which is unlocked by tracking food, activity, and checking off the Healthy Checks. You don't have to do everything though, just an item of each. So theoretically, you could unlock it by tracking your bagel, taking the dog for a 10 minute walk, and then having a glass of water and checking it off in the Healthy Checks.

But no matter what, the goal here is to accomplish something. And I definitely got a DA award yesterday. I tracked everything I ate and came in at 33 DPs, I did the Shred for 6 APs and I checked off my activity, water, dairy, and healthy oils for the day. Go me! I can't wait to do it again tomorrow too. Weigh in day! Who's excited? Not me... that's for sure! I think I drank more water today than a desert survivor haha


  1. You are silly... but that's why we love you!! Haha that'd be so rad to put your gamer score on a resume!! What would that even go under?!? LOL

  2. I love the incentives that WW Online gives! If you search on the community under "groups" for "the golden trophy club" you can find a big group of us whose main goal is to track every day to earn those ribbons and trophies. :-)

  3. Is this on the WW online site? Where is it? I haven't seen it but I love a good game. I'm so proud of you for doing Shred.


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