Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh In

150 days.


Anyway, I'm up 4.8 lbs from last week (which is better than it was yesterday, I was up 6.2 lbs eek) that's what I deserve, not tracking and eating a lot of pizza and pasta. I was on a serious carb-bender there.

The past is history. Cant do anything about it today, just need to move on. Feeling surprisingly well, even though I back tracked into the 220s again... but you know what? It's a journey. Sometimes you get off on the wrong exit, and have to loop back around. (That's quoted straight from the WW site on the article of gaining weight) so I know that I am going to be ok.

Expecting my new jeans and bras today! Hurray! They just shipped them out yesterday and I got an update saying they were out for delivery today!

Finished my scarf completely, even put the roses on it. Starting on a hat for Brian now in a lovely sweet pea green color. About to hit the Shred and get it done today. I had my usual coffee this morning (2P+) and we had left over sloppy joe mix from last night, so just barely enough for one sandwich for me (8P+) It's the start of a new week here in HTMLN land so its time to get focused. Its now or never people! I can earn 42 AP easily this week. I can track all of my food this week. And I can also stay under my dailies and stay away from my weeklies. I did it before. It just takes a little exercise in will power and a lot of water.

Daily goal: Track all my food. Do the Shred. Get one more bottle of water in (16 oz) and then smile

If I am diligent and work out hard, eat better, and uhmmm TRACK EVERYTHING I am sure that I will see a big drop next week. I've talked the talk, now its time to walk the walk. Or shred the shred. You know what I mean.


  1. That is an awesome quote!!! you got this girl!! Oooo and you should totally post a pic of your scarf for us to awwww over!! ;)

  2. I'm still in awe of you doing the Shred every day! I was painfully sore afterwards. Right now I am doing Bob's Biggest Loser workout and that makes me sore too, but it is a bareable sore. Good luck this week!

  3. The 220's were the BAIN of my existance too! The 205's have proven to be that as well. But I'm sure there will come a day when we're both annoyed that we can't seem to break 190!

  4. That´s the spirit! Your doing absolutely fantastic.

    Get shredding girl!


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