Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday is My Bitch

Today is sooo my bitch. I mean, I have the pimp hand and everything!

I got up, and weighed in on the scale. I usually weigh every day but hadn't this week because I was on a week long pizza and pasta bender. I was up to 223.6 (from 217.8) and I hadn't worked out at all, so I know it's not muscle. I guzzled Smirnoffs and Mountain Dew. Today, it stops. Of course, I'm out of Smirnoffs and Mountain Dew, but that's not the point. I had my coffee (2 cups of coffee with 3 packets of splenda, 2 Tbl of sugar free creamer) and made my breakfast. 2 scrambled eggs with 2 oz of lean ham and 1 slice of fat free cheddar cheese, 1 cup fat free cottage cheese, and 1 slice of whole wheat toast, plain. 13 points. Didn't like the plain toast, so after two bites, I gave it to the dog. He didn't eat it either. I didn't feel very hungry and didn't finish my cottage cheese, taking about 4 bites out of it, and split the rest between the dog and saving it for a snack later and put it in the fridge. Max really likes cottage cheese and I usually give him some once a week on top of his dog food.

Then we got dressed. Or I did, Max watched. I put on my Enell bra, tshirt, and jeans and took the dog out to potty, then came in, and changed to workout capris, popped in the Shred and just hit it.

I stopped making excuses for myself. Yes my joints hurt- they always hurt. Yes my arm is really sore, guess what? It's always really sore. Once I stopped making the excuses, cranked up the tunes (Hey Jealousy, anyone?) and focused on what was at hand, I realized I was super-impressed with myself. I am capable of doing 2 minutes of cardio (jump rope... not so much.) I am capable of the whole 3 minutes of strength. I am capable of doing push ups and butterfly crunches.

I am capable of doing it all. And doing it well. And that is what I did.

I stopped making excuses and I got results- who would have thought? I drank my water, made a solid breakfast, and got in my exercise for the day. I pushed myself and found it rewarding.

Now my everything is sore, which is good. It's nice to feel my muscles working again. As I mentioned earlier, I have a wedding in 4 months that I am in so I definitely need to get my shit together.

The Year of the Christie continues in full force. On the 3rd, I am going to the dentist. It's been about 4 years since I have gone and one of my teeth really hurts. It is easily aggravated by sugar and is cold-sensitive. I mentioned this the last time I went to the dentist, but they said nothing was wrong. Now I noticed that part of my tooth is turning an ugly grey/black color around one of the edges. Uh oh... decay? I have been really fortunate with my teeth. I have really thick enamel (the dentist always freaks at my teeth, since the enamel is so thick) and I don't get cavities very often. I've had a total of 3 my entire life, and two of them were in baby teeth. I am mostly at risk from gingivitis and other gum diseases, but still. This tooth is driving me nuts. I don't know how they are going to get to it, my teeth are pretty tightly packed together. They make sardines look like slackers, that's all I'm saying!
After my trip to the dentist, I am going to be going to the doctor and seeing if I need to be put on medicine for ADD. I don't know if you noticed, but I have a hard time finishing one thing and always starting another. After all.... its not like my blog posts are organized and on one thought the whole time! ;) I took a few  adult ADD tests online and scored scarily high. One of them was a 90% chance I had adult ADD! Brian took the same test and scored a 20%. Maybe with medication I can finally be able to finish things before starting new projects. Maybe it will help me focus better.... Or maybe not. I don't know.

It's hard to believe that its almost March. And since the start of the year, I have gotten new glasses, a great fitting sports bra, lost 12 inches off of my body, and managed to fix my knee! Now I just need to go get my teeth looked at, and talk to my doctor. After that, I'm pretty much set for the health department and can focus on other things that make me happy, like buying new clothes and paying off my debt, so I can move out of this apartment and closer to family. Hurray!

My goal for today is to have 6 more glasses of water and to continue tracking for the rest of the day, staying under my points target.


  1. Its probably a lot of water weight... beer tends to keep it on... :( that is the downfall of drinkin...damn them! hahahahaha. You got this mama!!!

  2. Food for thought on the ADD thing - Have you considered meditation instead of medication? Might be worth a shot before you throw drugs down your throat. Often times the drugs make you gain weight too. Meditation (yoga, journaling, prayer, whatever) often helps increase focus. :)

    Great job on getting back on the horse! :) Glad you're feeling better!


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