Thursday, February 17, 2011


I got my special Enell bra in the mail yesterday and I plugged in 30 Day Shred, turned it on mute, and powered up my iPod on my iPhone and listened to good, heart pounding music. I have never squatted deeper, jumped higher, pumped harder, or did so many push ups. I have never pushed myself quite as hard as I did today. I have never felt the sweat rolling down the small of my back (because, lets face it, I haven't had a small of my back for a while!) I have never looked in the mirror after a hard work out and smiled as broadly as I have.

I know I burned so many calories today! I am very pleased with my new bra, it kept my girls in place and did a great job :) I will be buying a few more when I have a lot of free money. I absolutely love it, even if it looks like a cross between a Madonna bra, and I Dream of Jeanie wear when its unhooked lol

I am so happy!! Pumped. Still going from my workout high.

I finally get it. Shame I am moving on to level 2 tomorrow. But I am ready. Ready as I will ever be. I feel like I am finally stronger. I look in the mirror and see what I am doing. I see that I am stronger. That I have biceps (hey, small ones still count!) My 3 lbs weights are getting to be manageable which means I will be needing some 5 lbs ones!!

Any one want to buy them for me? :D No? Ah, well. Tried.

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