Friday, March 11, 2011


I picked out my awesome bridesmaid dress today from David's Bridal.

The stipulations set by Kayla, the bride, were 1) it has to be knee length 2) it has to be Lapis 3) It cannot be satin.

I met all three, thank you! And here is the dress!

And it is a size 20. But its already a little loose (the 18 didn't quite fit) and I will have to get it altered. I'm ordering it next week. I don't mind that it is a size 20 really because I looked FANTASTIC in it and I can definitely have it altered. I mean, whether or not I lose any weight by the wedding (which I *will*) this is a piece I definitely want in my closet. Anddd I love the color!!

Bonus: I get a $20 discount because I am buying it under Kayla's account.

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  1. The dress is gorgeous. I love the colour. Wish I could wear dresses like that, but I haven´t a found a strapless bra yet, that doesn´t let my boobs make closer contact with my belly button within in hour. :-(

    You´ll look beautiful!!!


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