Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ramblings of a Caffeine Addict

Hello bloggy friends!

I am feeling fantastic today! I don't know why. I am sleep deprived and jacked up on caffeine but hey- that's almost my regular routine!

I am also TOM-ing and that means I ate all most of my points for the day at 4 am this morning. I woke up to the scale reporting 226!! But I know that is not true. I have been craving salty foods like no other. I have a bit of a food baby still. I have been alternating coffee with water and I feel so good now that I am well hydrated.

Maybe I am still on a high from Disney on Ice and finding the perfect bridesmaid dress! I assure you, I don't look like the model in the picture but it's damn close (hahaha)

I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted off of my shoulders since I decided to change my weigh in to Mondays, which is odd, because the way it's looking, I will have another gain! But I am okay with that, since I changed in the middle of a week. I also feel so proud of myself, knowing that I am going to take care of those pesky weeklies.

And perhaps most importantly, I will get to stock up my fridge soon with lots of good-for-you foods. As of late, money is a little tight (when isn't it? Uhm payday, for about 5 minutes) We've been living off of frozen foods and cereals and its just not very healthy. For instance, I found these *fantastic* frozen meatballs at Meijer. At $2.99 per lb, that is a steal! You can't even make turkey meatballs for that price! And they were sooo delicious!! I loved them... then I did the points calculation and a serving size is 6 meatballs (decent sized) and it was 7 points! It had TWENTY grams of fat. Way too much for me! As a comparison, 1 cup of Stouffers Italiano lasagna (thats the one with the meat) is 7 PP. So not only do you get meat, you also get cheese noodles and sauce for the SAME amount of points. Guess what I will be buying more of?

 I know I was going to focus on just eating right and I will continue to track and be vigilant about that, but I honestly *miss* doing the Shred. It's a good, tough work out and I am going absolutely bonkers lately about the scale, about the wedding, and finishing up the move. I need some stress relief! Maybe I will do some Billy Blanks or JM's Yoga Meltdown. I don't know but spring needs to hurry up and *get here* I am going absolutely bonkers and eating everything in sight! Maybe I need to burn off some of this cabin fever!

I just finished chugging my second thing of water. I think each one is 16 ounces. I have no idea. I just aim for 4 a day..

I have been eating reduced calorie-high fiber bread and I love it! Not only did I get a great deal on it (buy 1 get 2 free) but it is so light and airy and fluffy. I love soft, fluffy bread. Mmm I am having some now, 2 slicees with a Tbl of peanut butter (for 6 PP) I now officially have 3 left until midnight and it is 4 pm. Me thinks I am going to dip into some of my weeklies to sustain me. Just enough to offset the WW chicken fettucini I had last night. All two of them.

On the dinner menu is hamburger turkey helper with more high fiber bread. I love that bread!! Seriously!!

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  1. Looks like the makings of a plan! Just one thing I see missing - veggies. Maybe add some Steamers to your shopping list?


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