Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming up in March

Here's a list of things coming up in March.

~My move! Obviously! This is happening the 5th.
~Dentist appointment (my first in nearly 4 years) on the 3rd
~Disney on Ice with my friend Carissa on the 10th
~Bridesmaid dress shopping with Kayla on the 11th
~Spring! This means long walks with Maxwell.
~Day trips to Valpo! Brian's childhood friend is leaving for the Air Force in April so we promised we would come up and visit a few times this month.
~And a doctor's appointment. For the hell of it.

I want to accomplish a few things this month too.

*First and foremost, I want to focus on tracking. I have been doing really awesome with it this week, having tracked 6 days in a row and now I am on my last one. I love that I have been so dedicated to it, and the scale has definitely reflected that.

*Secondly, I have decided to hold off on the 30 Day Shred and also to not join meetings. I know that I would not be dedicated enough to go to meetings, since I don't really enjoy people. 30 Day Shred was fantastic for losing inches, but I was so ravenous after working out that I gained weight. Couple that with not tracking, and well... you saw what happened. I need to focus on food first.

*Which is a nice segue into my third goal- not to eat out at all this month. This means no Pizza Hut, no Taco Bell, no Wendy's, no Applebee's. I am going to cook at home all month long. I'd say 'think of the money we will save!' but I am sure we won't save any of it. I'll either spend it all on WW meals or I will find some other use for it. (video games?)

I think not eating out combined with my goal of tracking every day will result in a major loss. I think I can do it, though it will be a challenge. I was thinking of setting up some sort of reward system. For every day that I tracked, I'd put $1 away. For every day not eating out, I'd put $1 away. If I did both, I'd have $60 at the end of the month that I could use to buy new clothes. Which I desperately need. I pretty much gave away all the clothes that were too small or too big. So that leaves me with the clothes I have currently, and that is not a lot to go on.

I have a very busy month ahead of me! I have to say that I am really excited to be so active. Working at home is fantastic, but you know... it's kind of hard to get out there and socialize. One can become a hermit, if not careful.


  1. From one work-at-home gal to another, I feel your pain! The best advice I ever got was to make sure I GET OUTSIDE and talk to people at least twice a day. Even if it's just a quick walk to browse at a store where I have no intention of buying anything, or grabbing a hot tea at the local coffee shop. SO helpful in feeling like part of the human race! (I too hate meetings and never did them when I did WW.)

  2. I like the reward system idea. And your goals sound good, that 30 Day Shred is killer.. maybe try a different workout, like Bob's Biggest Loser bootcamp, that will be hard, but not death-like.


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