Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh in- Week Whatever????

I have no idea what week it is, seriously!

But that doesn't matter any more.

Because? I lost. And I lost big time!! I am down 2.2 lbs from last week. (Remember, last week I gained nearly 5 lbs!) It's good to see that number go down again. Im at 220.4 (again!) and even that number was flickering between 220.2 and 220.4, but it finally settled on the latter. I'm not upset though! Quite the opposite, I am elated!!

Everybody say "HURRAY!!"

(no seriously, say hurray!)

I owe my major loss to tracking absolutely everything I put in my mouth the last week. I didn't 'work out' at all, unless you count walking the dog (I did) and cleaning (I did) I still didn't track that every day though.

So really, it is food. It's always been food. Damn you delicious food.

I went to the store last night and picked up some WW meals because, lets face it, I'm in love with them. Also, convenience- hello! I also got a Stouffer's lasagna for Brian too. He really wanted a filling meal (I guess tuna casserole isn't filling??) so I figured, hey, it will work. He really enjoyed it. And at 7 points a portion, I could enjoy it too, for the most part. Not as good as mine, but maybe I am biased?

Anyway here is what I had for breakfast:

New! Cinnamon Swirl French toast with turkey sausage!!
At 7 P+ its a nice hearty meal. I don't know about the rest of you, but I loves me some french toast.

Especially with sausage links. And syrup. Mmm. Syrup was included, so it made it even better.

For lunch? Salisbury steak with macaroni and cheese. (also 7 p+)

My goal for the month of March is to track EVERY day. I think that will be much tougher than Jillian's 30 Day Shred, or as my mom calls it, "power shred thing".

Busy day of errands ahead (thank god for WW!) so I will get going!

Don't forget to leave your HURRAYS in the comments so I can smile all day :)


  1. Sounds like you're well prepared to make your new space a positive change for you. Congrads! Good job!

  2. HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! HURRAY!! That is SO freakin awesome!!!! You keep them pounds coming off mama!! You know you got this!!

  3. Even though I am not on Weight Watchers, I still enjoy several of their Smart Ones. You'll have to keep posting your favorites up, so I can try them. :)

  4. HURRAY!!!

    'Power shred thing' - fabulous!

    God this French toast looks delicious!!


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