Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do The Cry Baby

So I checked my calendar today. No wonder I am angry, emotional and stuffed my face with donuts this morning (hey- I tracked them, can I get points for that?)

It's my lady time. 

I absolutely hate this time of the month as I get so stupid irrational. 

I have to fight with myself not to just go ape shit. I think very carefully about what I am going to say before I say it, because I definitely have that "snarky" tone today. I'm also feeling a little passive-aggressive. I'm not really that way. 

So I watched that little video there and it made me laugh. Just hope that it lasts. I'm off to go see Brian at work and spend some time with him on his lunch break. 

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck xo


  1. Ugh...lady time sucks!!!!!!!!!!! And MUCH luck to ya!! ;)

  2. This time of month sucks. I get all bloated, cranky and peckish!

    Hope the symptoms go away fast! Good luck on your interview.
    The graphic on the top of the blog is ADORABLE!


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