Friday, April 1, 2011

We'll Let You Know....

Interview didn't go so hot. "We'll let you know"

So I probably didn't get it.

Oh well. 

Still have lots of jobs I applied to and I am sure that I will have at least one more interview with another company and hopefully one with the company I really want. More than anything. I was talking to Brian last night about how badly I wanted this one job and I started crying.

It's for the library. I have wanted to be a librarian for *years* I was a student librarian and it was the best job, ever. I applied once before to the county library and I had a fantastic interview, they loved me! I was perfect for the job... but they interviewed another chick who had a degree and she got the job. Not 2 weeks later, they found out she had a felony she hadn't reported and fired her. Then they were going to call me... but the library went on a hiring freeze.

I got shafted.

I have been trying to get in to the library again ever since. I am not giving up. I passed my skills test 100% this time. (Last year, I failed miserably, and the year before that I got 85%) Something just clicked this time. This is where I am supposed to be. I KNOW IT.

I will not give up. I even considered going back to school for this but I am not going to spend lots of money unless I can help it and I do not need any sort of degree for this current position- but I have one! So that should help. I hope. 

Also I have family who work at the library. But its for a different branch and none of the family works at this branch I am applying to. 

I will keep praying. 

I am going to get in.

I can be very stubborn and bullheaded when I need to be and I think this is one of those times. I must not lose sight of my goal. If I don't get in this round, I'll apply to every single job they offer until I do get in and I can work my way up. 


I stepped on the scale today and I am up 1.8 lbs (hey thats what I weighed last week hmm) I've done 'meh' on tracking and I have done awful on exercising. I have decided that today I am hitting the elliptical no matter what, even if it kills me. I was losing fantastic when I was tracking and when I was exercising. The running thing really has been helping me. I get less tired going up 2 flights of stairs now. I need it. 

I have been suffering horrible migraines for the last couple of days as well. I think it is from too much time in front of the computer and being tense in general. I am a little stressed out if I will get an interview (I would be devastated if I didn't) but I can't help it any. I have at least another week until I get a call from them.


We have friends coming up on Saturday (tomorrow, egads!!) and I hope that my puppy is very well behaved. I know he is a good dog and tries really hard not to go nuts when we have friends over. He just really loves people. I have been working on it with him and he is getting so much better. Poor Alisha though, was attacked by a dog when she was 8 and is now nervous around big dogs. Luckily my little fur ball is not very big. He's half lab, but he is also half the size of his uncle Goober and cousin Riley. I am going to take him to PetSmart today and see if his nails need trimmed. The last thing that needs to happen to this poor lady is to get accidentally scratched while Max is trying to show her he knows how to shake with both hands. 

The house is getting a deep clean today and I am not looking forward to it, and looking forward to it simultaneously. I love a clean house but hate the actual work. If only I could hire a maid....Or teach max to wash dishes.

I have yammered and rambled on for far too long in this post. Thanks for listening. 

See you all on the flip side. 


  1. Don't give up hope! We'll let you know is not a rejection!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend especially with your friends! Exercise will make your mood better I bet.

  2. Is there a way to voulenteer at the library? Maybe if you're a familiar face, you can get your foot in the door a little further?

    Working out can help manage stress! ESPECIALLY running. :)


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