Monday, March 21, 2011

Fitness: C25K Day 2

Holy crap! That was a tough run. I was really feeling it in my thighs. I think I was still a little tight from my last run because it was tough getting going. I think I finally hit my stride during run 6 of 9, but it only lasted that minute, before I was run down again.

I did 3.42 miles in 26:30 minutes, just a little slower pace than last time but it really feels like it was a lot slower. Instead of just a little bit. (Actually, as it turns out its a little faster! Whaaat? I calculated my pace here and it came out to 7'44'" minute mile, and the first run was a 7'47" mile!!)

I hit the red zone today, which according to the elliptical is HR 180-210 and I hit and/or crossed that 180 line a few times.

Once again, I apologize for the shaky cam, but in order for your results to be displayed on this machine you have to keep pedaling. :(

I ran into a cute little terrier of some sort and his owner while I was walking over and told the guy about doggy bags and how you can attach them to his leash and he seemed happy. The terrier (which I think was a Brussel!) was so cute :D

I am so tired! Now I have to go tanning and then do the dishes and make dinner. Turkey spaghetti tonight :) With green pepper, onion, and MUSHROOMS! I will take pics, I promise!

Okay I have to get going before the tanning place closes :)

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