Monday, March 21, 2011

Weigh In: Experiment Results

Hey all! If you remember, last week, I decided to try out a little experiment on WW where I pretend I ate all of my activity points and weekly points to see if I could stay with in my daily limit. I am really pleased with my results.

There were a few days I dipped into them - especially last night- but I managed to only consume 13 Weekly and 0 Activity points, leaving me with 51 points I didn't touch!!!

It looks a little something like this .....

What does that mean? How did I do on the scale???

I lost 2 lbs! 

That's right! Two whole pounds!!

I am so happy I could cry.

So I finally figured out what I have to do. Track every day & try not to eat my extra points.

It's really crazy how my week looked last week, I had 84 points on Monday and 42 on Friday, because I kept adding in my activity points as 'consumed' once I earned them.

I'm off for the next couple of days from work so I have lots of time on my hands (more so than usual) and will have to find a way to keep busy so I don't get bored.

On today's agenda?

-C25K Week 1: Day 2
-Cleaning (dishes and laundry- boo)


  1. Don't forget to pick up a book or two! Just for fun reading or for inspiration!

  2. That's great Christi. I absolutely love e-tools and you're right. The program really does work. We just gotta tweek a few things to figure it out. I want to personally thank you for your encouraging words to my weekend post. You really picked me off the floor with your comment. Yay for Couch25k. Welcome to the world of running.

  3. Those activity pionts and weekly points are evil YAY I am glad you re seeing results now Keep it up you can do it


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