Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rainy Spring Day

It's 42 degrees and rainy.

Good thing I got my run in yesterday (how weird does that look? I RAN YESTERDAY)

Today I am sore and burnt. I went tanning and even though I haven't increased my time in the bed, I was in a different bed, and I got really burnt.

I tan naked, so uhm...everything got burnt. Luckily nothing hurts. My back got it the worst, and I had Brian rub some lotion on me so my skin doesn't sob in agony. My stomach looks funny, its like a big red apple :)

I am a little sore today. I have been running with my inserts in my shoes and it makes my right arch hurt really bad. I'm almost - but not quite- hobbled today. I think I will not run with them in next time, and see how that goes.

I definitely need to stretch some more :)

I'm still reeling that I have logged 6.89 miles since Saturday. I am so proud of me :) I even texted my best friend (the Bride to be) and told her of my accomplishments. She was super impressed and said that I was doing more than she could now. Which really made me beam- she ran cross country in middle school and high school and I was always so proud of her for doing what I thought I couldn't

She's still my inspiration. When I feel tired, and I don't want to finish that last minute, I keep thinking of how I will look in my bridesmaid dress. I keep picturing how I will look in all of those pictures. I keep remembering how proud I was of her when she told me about her first race.

Goals for today? Taking it easy. I am not tanning today, and not running today, I think it's a sort of "lay in bed all day with coffee and a good book" kind of day


  1. AZ got hit with rain yesterday!! I enjoyed my day inside!! hitting the pavement today!! hahaha, sorry had to laugh at the apple comment, you are too cute!

  2. every other day should be a do nothing day . im proud of you running i think walking fast is enough hehe :>)


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