Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitness: P90X Shoulders and Arms

It's my very first P90X video! hurray!

I only have 3 lb weights at the moment so every thing is done with those until I can work up to the heavier ones, which I will be using in the apartment's fitness centre.

So how did I do? Did I died? No, I did not died. I did pretty well actually. I can definitely feel it in my shoulders and in my biceps, hope to feel it in my tri's too. I even made it to the special bonus round.

I kept up fairly well with Tony and 'the kids' as he calls them. I had to slow down on a few of the exercises- mainly the chair dips- and I really concentrated on good form. After all, it was my first day in P90X-school so I wanted to be a straight A student.

I like that Tony doesn't scream. I like that he encourages breaks. I like that he encourages you to drop down the weights if it's too tough. I like that he lets you go as hard as you want or as easy.

He's really adamant about writing things down too! So I just scribbled some abbreviations for the moves- I have no idea what they mean, but that's ok. I wrote down all of my reps for both sets. I found I improved on the second set in most cases.

I'm only going to be doing this exercise video every Tuesday for the next 16 weeks until the wedding.

I earned 6 APs


  1. Is it more intense then shred? I wanted to try it but I heard it was super tough...??

  2. Tony sounds nice . keep up good job christie



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