Friday, March 25, 2011

Workout Schedule & Sleepless

Due to my work schedule I was up past 4am this morning and I had to be up at 8 because hubby had a Dr's appt. And by law of marriage, I'm required to go with him lol but I don't mind. Nothing serious- he was just having anxiety attacks. Now that he knows he isn't dying or having a heart attack or what have you, he will be fine! So hurray!

I have to say that I really enjoy running on the elliptical. I thought I would hate it, that it would be really hard, and boring, and I would dread it. And while not every run has be ZOMG-AWESOME!, I powered through and felt great after.

I'm a little sore in the legs today so no running for me. Also my lower back hurts and looking it up online, it's probably due to my form or shoes. So will have to try straightening out my form first, then look into the shoe problem. I have another pair of shoes that are in very good condition so I will switch to those and see if it makes a difference

Today I decided that I needed a work out schedule. I am one of those people who have to be told what to do when to come in etc. I do the best with a strict set of rules or time frames. If left up to me, I don't do anything. At all.

So here is my work out schedule (ironically written on a Wendy's napkin- don't worry, I only had a small chili for 4P+)

Saturday- Week 2 Day 1 of C25K - approximately 30 minutes
Sunday- P90X Ab Ripper - 15 minutes of high intensity omg you are killing me ab fun
Monday- W2D2 Run - 30 minutes
Tuesday- P90X Arms and Shoulders. This one is the one I 'need' the most. And this is also an hour long. Wish me luck.
Wednesday- W2D3 Run- 30 minutes
Thursday & Friday- Rest days

Today I am going to be doing the Arms and Shoulders. I watched most of the DVD to see if there was any cardio in there. I really just want to strength train on my days off running, so that means no Jillian for a while. The arms and shoulders I want to work on the most, simply because that bridesmaid dress is strapless, so the less bat wings, the better.

I am so tired but I am at the point now where its all... 'meh'

I'm going to catch some ZZZ's, then do the shoulders and arms video. I hope I can make it through the hour, but I am going to do at least 20 minutes of it.


  1. Way to go, girl! That looks like a great schedule. I could learn from you...I think having a schedule would help me keep on track and make fitness more of a priority. You have inspired me. :)

  2. What were your last arm measurements? I'm going to be working the P90X after the move (strappless dress.)

  3. I coined a term called Gym ADD. I totally need a schedule or I am lost and distracted. Good for you! I'm so excited you're doing P90X. I just recently told my boss about it and I hope he does it. Remember: Do your best and forget the rest!


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