Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pictures and C25K Recap

First, C25K

Today was the first day of the new week for my program. Week 2 Day 1 was extremely challenging. I don't know if it was because I ate before I went (something I havent done before) or if it was because I was running longer spurts, but I was so slow over all. I averaged an 8:15 mile, and before? 7:23, so that is almost a whole minute more per mile. But that's okay. I only did 3.03 miles as well, as the machine reset on me at the 22 minute mark, something it's never done before, so I had to start it back up again, losing time, momentum, and patience. 

But! Brian went with me so it made it all worth it. 

Now, pictures!

From Disney on Ice

Me in my big fur coat

Me and Carissa

The only pic of the show haha
That castle was an amazing piece of architecture! It rotated and was 8 completely different princess castles/settings. 

My bridesmaid dress came in! So excited!! Why?? Well, since I ordered it, I've lost almost 5 lbs. and now it is too big (just like I thought it would be!) it also needs hemmed. It's supposed to hit above my knee but it sits right below it (barely)

Yes, it has pockets

My back has a lot less fat on it. But a lot more red. 

Maybe someday my boobs will be bigger than my gut

I told the bride I was going to make this face in every picture. She didn't find that funny
For comparison purposes, here is the last time I was in a sleeveless dress... Don't you think I look better now?

:) Brian just came in here and said "You look amazing! You look almost completely different!" Keep in mind I am 18 lbs lighter than when I got married, nearly 2 years ago. I have had a slow rate of weight loss, to say the least, but I am super proud of my progress. I think I look loads thinner (face especially) 

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  1. I love dresses with hidden pockets in them!

    Your silly face made ma laugh so hard - ha!


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