Thursday, March 17, 2011


So the last few days, my left shoulder blade/slightly lower area on my back tingles from time to time. Almost like it's 'fallen asleep' but not quite. It's not painful, just tingly, and it happens sporadically.

My first thoughts were "OMG I am so fat that my back falls asleep WTF"
My second thoughts were "OMG I am so fat that my bra is cutting into me!" (the Enell one, which is supposed to be really tight, but not restrictive)

I went bra-less most of the day yesterday (my boobies were all 'HURRAY!') but that didnt seem to fix it. I had Brian check it out and he said the area is a little swollen.

I took some ibuprofen and alternated heating and icing the area, to reduce swelling/encourage circulation and it felt better. I also got a lovely back massage from Brian.

It's still wigging out on me today, acting kind of sporadic. First its tingly, then its not. Then it is again, and so on so forth.

I'm pretty sure now that I have looked it up, I either slept wrong (most common) or I 'pulled' a muscle doing something. I distinctly remember twisting to crack my back and a loud pop! So that might have been it. Also I remember waking up in a retarded sleeping position. That might be it also. For now, I am just going to alternate my ice and heat, take my ibuprofen and not worry about it too much. I'll do some back stretches too and see if that doesn't help. If it doesn't, its off to the chiro.


  1. I know this sounds kinda crazy, but shoulder pain often indicates that there is something going on in your stomach. It's called disassociative pain. Often it's your body's way of saying there is something wrong with an area that doesn't have a lot of nerve endings.

    (I get these exact pains and no one has been able to get it out, but a couple of days of lots of water and low gas producing, high fiber foods and it cures itself.) ;)


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