Sunday, March 27, 2011

On Hunger and Exercise

Despite yesterday's slow run - I won't call it a 'bad' run, simply because at this stage in the game, any run is a good run and something I would have never done two weeks ago- I have been feeling really good about myself. I see the changes in my body already. I can feel my legs being stronger. I see less fat on my back. I can see my bum getting a little firmer, and higher up.

Here were my last measurements from the 30 Day Shred (which I failed to complete)

Weight 220.8
Bust 41
Waist 36
Abs 40
Hips 47 
R Arm 14
R Thigh 27
R Calf 16.5 

I decided that I would only measure one side of my body so I picked the right. Anyway, I took my measurements on Friday and I am going to take them every Friday. I want to be consistent. I know that you are supposed to take them once a month, but I don't follow the rules. 

Bust 43
Waist 36
Abs 42
Hips 47
R Arm 13
R Thigh 25
R Calf 17.5

My thigh is a little smaller and so is my arm, but really every thing else was bigger, which I think of course was due to inconsistency. Especially in the bust, I was wearing a different bra I think. Stupid padding. I was also wearing clothes. I tend to weigh and measure naked, so I don't get crazy differences in results, but I have a special "measurement" outfit now. It will all be the same. I'll update you all with those numbers every Friday. So on Mondays, we have Weigh in and C25K, Tuesday is p90x, Wednesday is c25K, Thursday is whatever, Friday's are measurements, Saturday's are C25K, Sunday's are p90x... busy week! :)

The last few days have been crazy for me hunger wise. Yesterday, I was hungry all day. I stayed under my points (barely) but it wasn't easy. The day before, I didn't do so well. I went over. The day before that, I could barely make myself eat. I just was not hungry all day long. The thought of food was revolting. Today, I am facing the same issue. I woke up hungry, but I had to take the dog out and then got distracted and by the time I finally got around to remembering that I should probably eat something, I wasn't hungry anymore. Nothing looked appetizing. And here I am 4 hours later, and I have only had water. 

I am definitely going to have to eat something, anything! I don't want today to lead to a binge tomorrow. It's weird though. Normally I can't get enough food! Is that a good thing?

Anyone else just lose all motivation to eat some days? I'm not depressed or anything- I'm in a fantastic mood. I'm not bloated or full from yesterday either. I have physical hunger- but only barely. 

I guess I will go make some pancakes and see if I am hungry by the time they are done cooking up. 

I have P90X Ab Ripper X to do today. 15 minutes only, so I hope that it is a) worth it and 2) not so hard I can't complete it. 


  1. Looks like a good place to start! I'm going to start posting my measurements on the Snow White, Prince Charming, and the 70 Pounds blog once I get settled in Washington. 4 more days until the big move!


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