Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Shenanigans

Boy do I have a lot on my plate today!

I'm going around town to do some errands and I will be sure to check into FourSquare every step of the way!

I'm pretty much going to be driving from one end of the city to the other, thank goodness for a full tank of gas!

I need to get my last run in for the week.

I need to tan.

I talked to my best friend (the Bride) yesterday and I told her about my runs- she is so proud and said that she can barely do a mile anymore (she used to do cross country in middle school and high school with a 6.5 minute mile)

She also told me that a woman she works with was having trouble losing weight until she started running, which boosted her weight loss, and I have to say, that is really encouraging. Also, I was hardly hungry yesterday at all and I was down another lb on the scale, but we will see what next Monday brings.

Stay well friends!


  1. I'm smiling for you Christi---losing the weight and running. You are seeing results... right on!!!!

  2. Hi Christi,
    Glad you’re getting you’re running on, isn’t great? I love it! and whew, does sound like you have a lot going on, I also am a bit addicted to foursquare, what’s your username? Would love to add you.
    Have a great day! :}


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