Monday, April 25, 2011

Cranky: Monday Weigh In Cancelled

Mondays are the days I weigh in and it has been a great switch for me... overall.

I got attacked Friday with horrible cramps. I was bitchy. I hated everything and pretty much everyone. It was no bueno.

I craved salty and deep fried. I craved melty cheese. I craved I craved I craved. And I caved.

I got a chicken bacon and swiss from Arby's on Saturday. Sunday I was in the mood for calzones, but Pizza Hut was closed due to Easter. Dammit Thank goodness! So Brian went to the store for me and got fixings to make a homemade calzone. Which turned out really good, and far far far less greasy than the restaurant version. I wanted ice cream. We hit up DQ where the girl working the window proceeded to drop my blizzard on Brian's car. It's okay- Max licked it up.

I was in pain. I was crying.

I was PMSing.

I finally got over the horrible angry part but I am still at the horrible I want to eat everything in sight omg I am so bloated part.

And I do not need to add depression to my list of emotions for the day. So I am just going to not weigh in. I am going to save my shred of sanity and try my hardest not to eat the entire fridge today. I am trying so hard to be good now. The only chocolate in the whole house is the coffee creamer and it's all natural. Meaning it's milk, cream, and cocoa. 3 ingredients. How badly do I just want to guzzle it straight from the container, no coffee involved? Pretty darn badly.

Instead, diet soda. No coffee today. It just isn't safe. I'm not safe to be around.

I'll weigh in next week and it will be grand. GRAND.

I'm off to clutch my lower abdomen and cry while I watch Mythbusters blow shit up.


  1. I hope you feel better. I'm the worst the first day of my period but I fight it by having NO trigger foods around and drinking tea.

    Have a great week.

  2. :( I hope you feel better soon and the cravings subside!! Ugh, I hate pmsing... :(


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