Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photos: How I Used to Be

I finally scanned some pictures of me! Sometimes I have a hard time continuing on my journey. After all, it really seems depressing when I think about the last 2.5 years and how I have not really lost a whole lot of weight. 18.5 pounds is not a lot to sneeze at in 730 days, you know what I am saying?

But then I look back at these pictures and I finally am seeing that I am a completely different person than I used to be. 

Here I am in August 2006- 198 lbs. I felt so fat and gross here. Now I think I look pretty damn good. I also have a perm (ugh) which you can see peeking out from under the hat. 

That's my best friend Kayla, who is getting married in July. We should wear these dresses! 

Fast forward to December 2008- The night I graduated college. 

I was so bent on making sure my engagement ring was showing. I don't think any one is going to notice it... I'm so round and blimpish here. I cry a little when I look at this picture. 

Fast forward to May 2009- The cake cutting. Here I am, stuffed into size 16 jeans. They don't fit me now, so I don't know how I fit in them that day. I guess desperation? I wasn't fooling anyone that day except myself. 

Some serious muffin top going on!

And another pic of the wedding day. When Brian saw this pic, he said "Damn! I was fat too!" 

happily married.

Here I am over 2 years from my highest weight in 2008/2009 and still going strong despite all the set backs. I think I am looking pretty damn good. And while the scale is only showing 18.5 lbs lost, my body my smile my attitude is showing a totally different picture. 

In case you're wondering- size 16 dress pants.

And that one is worth 1000 words.


  1. Hang on to these feelings when it gets rough! I just had a set back with my honey coming back in town. We went out A LOT with his friend, and then again last night for date night. I'm back to where I was in JAN! IN ONE WEEK I'm up 6lbs. Oy! So we're recommitting right now, but overall I feel pretty good. We'll be blogging about it later today. :)

  2. You lost 19lbs... and gained a beautiful REAL smile! You are stunning!! Before and now.

  3. You look amazing now! I can totally see the difference.

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I'm a size 4-6 on top. My bottom is around 6-8 though because of my pear shape. I never thought I would be smaller than a size 10 either so I definitely think never say never! You should have seen my face after trying on size 8s and them being way too big. I went outside and said to my boyfriend @_@ "baby, they are too big!"... He goes "I could have told you that." I couldn't believe it though :)

    Have a great Easter Sunday!

  4. You are so funny! Strangely laughing at my old fat photos really help me cope :) Am emailing you questions in a few minutes!


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