Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Fantastic Day on Plan

Here it is, end of the day (for me anyway) and I have a lot of good news to report.

I got 'rid of' all of my weekly allowance and my APs earned so far for the week. My Monday looks insane! It appears I have eaten 87 Points+ for the day.... but in reality, it's only been 35.

I had a hard time getting to 35 points today. I just am not hungry. Here's what the day looked like...

Breakfast (at 2:30 pm hah!) 1 1/2 servings of coffee, with dark chocolate creamer and Stevia sweetener, 4 Points+

C25K:  25 minutes, 6 AP earned. - At this point, I'm "negative 2P+" for the day.

Lunch (at 7:30- note I went 5 full hours without eating) beef stir fry, for 12 Points+

- 3 ounces tri-tip steak, cubed
- 1 cup long grain white rice cooked
- Homemade sweet and sour sauce
- Onion & green pepper

Snack- Cadbury creme egg - 4 Points+

Dinner- 11:30- Seasoned french fries, 6 oz with 1/4 cup ketchup for 10 Points+

Snack- Turkey sausage links (3) and 2 slices of Aunt Millie's Healthy Goodness bread, 5 Points+

I drank tons of water and only had one diet Mt Dew (which lasted me several hours, impressive, I know!)

My knee and hip are protesting at me currently wondering why on earth I decided to run today but you know what, I'll push through. Aside from the protesting of angry joints, I feel fantastic.

Off to shower and then go to bed. Busy day for me ahead. That rhymed. I know, its silly :)


  1. I LOVE those cream eggs! I allow myself 1 a year and I really look forward to them. Funny thing is, over the last couple years, they are almost too sweet for me to get through a whole one! I just weighed myself for the FIRST TIME in WA - and I'm down 1lb from my CA weight! Wahoo! (And it's my lady time, AND my weigh in isn't "officially" until Friday!)
    Yeah for us and progress!

  2. Good job with the AP, how's the C25K going for you? I'm jumping back on! :)


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