Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scale and Bones

I hopped on the scale this morning and was pleased to see 218.4 staring back at me. I am finally over my monthly horror and back to being normal again.

I think I may have solved Max's panty snatcher (and chewer) behavior. I got him a bone. And not just any bone, I mean this sucker came from a cow and it's like a femur or something. It's not a rawhide. He goes through those too fast. So far he's been chewing on it all night and all day and carries it from room to room while he does and won't let me near it.

He hasn't made a dent in it yet! Which is good, considering what a compulsive chewer he is!

Today is P90X arms. While I enjoyed it the first time around, now I've started getting in to running on the elliptical again and that is what I want to do today! I know I should take a break from cardio and do strength training, so P90X shoulders and arms it is....

After breakfast. Yes I know it's 2 pm. But I want pancakes and turkey sausage, dangit! And coffee too. Mm.


  1. Clydas only has real bones and they are AWESOME! Can't extoll their virtues enough! I've also NEVER had to brush his teeth! The bones scrape off the plaque. :)


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