Saturday, April 9, 2011


Now things have settled down in the Farrar household. Mr F has finally realized that he does not have to go back to his job because he has another one, so that means he is HYPER

I completely understand, I mean, when I went through my mini crisis, he said when I could tell I was just 'done' that I was a completely different person. You know, all happy and rainbows and other crazy crap like that.

I am so happy that he decided to follow his heart! He is a talented artist, and I know he is going places so that was one of the reasons I snatched him up. The other reason? Uhm he's hot and I'm shallow and I like pretty things and yummy men in my bed = fantastic. What can I say? ;)

Another reason we are both relieved is we will be able to spend more time together. Working less than full time kind of gives you that option, you know? :) It will allow him to see family more often. To hang out with friends more often. To eat pizza every day.

The great news about his new-old job is that he gets free food on a daily basis and while it would not be conducive to weight loss he can eat it all if he likes. He told me since I would be cooking less (!!) I could have more WW meals (!!!!) and then I wouldn't have to worry about portions (!!!!!!!)

He will also be around to work out with me. Bike rides. Running. Rollerblading. Walking the dog.

That will be awesome.

So to celebrate I made a giant pancake. The size of a plate

And ate it all.

I could do that you see

Because I have not had anything to eat all day.

Glad that I am feeling better (?) and my desire to eat pancakes has been sated.

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  1. I love breakfast foods! I love how you dealt with your craving instead of denying yourself and letting it manifesting into something bigger!

    I'm glad to read that things are settling down! Hope your husband finds a job he is HAPPY with :)


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