Sunday, May 1, 2011

Congratulations! for what?

This whole being pregnant thing is funny. People I know are randomly sending me text messages, or emails, or instant messages and they just say "Congrats!" and since I am so newly pregnant, I keep thinking... "for what? I haven't done anything lately....oh"

It's a lot of fun though, seeing so many people commenting on things or going "What?! How did I miss this!?" haha

Brian has been asking me all day how I am feeling. And it's probably because I look awful. I keep having these really vivid dreams that have nothing to do with babies, but still keeping me up at night. Like my whole face breaking out in acne and my forehead is so oily that its actually dripping off my head... I have really good skin so I don't get acne often. I've chalked it up to stress/pregnancy. I took a nice 3 hour nap earlier, I really needed it.

My breasts are so tender and they feel completely different. You know when you have a balloon and you stretch it and it looses its elasticity? the skin of the balloon is stretched? That is how they feel. Super stretched. I'm still having cramps too. Tylenol has been my friend, as well as lots of bed rest.

My gramma went to Kohl's today and got us two onesies for the baby. One says I Love My Mommy and the other says I Love My Daddy.

Baby fever has taken firm hold! My mom is now telling random ladies with babies that I am pregnant. Ha! How cute.

Brian's parents are coming over to visit. They haven't seen us since we got Max in January, let alone the new apartment and the fact we are bearing grandchildren now lol I am making the berry cobbler Jaime suggested! Thanks :) I dont know if I have enough frozen fruit, I'm missing about a cup... wondering if I should put in my fresh strawberries? Or you know what... I'll freeze them! Perfect! I'm such a genius.

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  1. congrats on the pregnancy.. i had a baby 3 months ago, and used to have crazy dreams while pregnant.. it's very common to have vivid dreams when you're pregnant


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