Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VICTORY: Size 16!

I have been shopping at Meijer for a while now. It's got clothes along the same line of Target but I am much more fond of Meijer. When I first started shopping there, I was a size 20 in jeans and a size 1X in tops.


I started losing weight/inches and began shrinking a little. Eventually I was an XL (which, in this case, is smaller than a 1X) then even a L in some clothes (jackets, mostly). I shrunk in jeans too, getting down to a 16W (and those are feeling REALLY loose lately).

I was hell bent on getting a summer dress this year. I wanted one last year but they didn't have any thing cute in my size. I would get all depressed and blah blah blah.... but this year I was determined to find something I loved.

So we went to the mall. I looked in Torrid and Deb (they carry plus sizes now! YAY!)

I found a lot of things I loved and a lot of them cost $50+ which is too much (right now)

I went back to Meijer, where I found this beautiful dress. Tell me what you think...

Obviously, I feel a little sexy in this ... size 16 dress. And the color is so me! I love purple and teal, what better combo is there??


  1. That dress is totally adorable!! Enjoy your new summery dress!

  2. YOU ARE SO FUNNY! I love the poses :) I really enjoyed reading your interview on the other blog! You have a killer last name!

    Congratulations on being a size 16 and looking fabulous in that print dress! It's very chic and fits you like a glove!

  3. Um. YEah. If you can pull off pic #3 and look TOTALLY AWESOME, then THAT is the dress for you!

    Rock it lady!

  4. love the dress.. it's so perfect for what's in season.. bold colors and prints.. so super cute. saw your interview on dimple snatcher's website.. great job..

  5. Love the retro styling, but I LOVE the attitude even better! :)


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