Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies are Serious Business.

I'm not going to lie. Today I overwhelmed myself with baby possibilities.

I started off looking at which hospital I'd like to have the baby in. But it turns out, almost all of the hospitals in town are owned by Lutheran Health Network and the ones that aren't are on the other side of the city. Which does not sound like a good idea... So really, that pretty much settled it for me.

The birthing suites seem a little... excessive in my opinion. A photography studio next to the nursery? Come on...

Anyway, got a while before I need to worry about that.

Then I started looking up the average cost of birthing a baby. That freaked my shit out. So I quit doing that. That was just silly. I put $250 in savings today. Yep. I actually have a savings!

Then I started looking for giveaways for baby things. Gift cards, baby bags, blah blah blah, whatever anyone was giving away! And I stumbled across Babies R Us... which is so silly, because that is the FIRST place I want to shop!

I started creating the registry but it's a little over whelming. They have a "quick start" option, but it's not working so I have to do it by scratch, category by category... I know I have a while to get it done, but they are doing a sweepstakes where Mom can win her entire registry (up to $5K) and she can enter once a day. Friends and family can play for her to win the registry too. And the more friends I have, the more of a chance I get. I fully plan to whore that out on the blog, so promise me you guys will help! It's only an instant win game  every day, so that won't be hard right?? Right. Thanks a bunch in advance. (I only got a few things in my registry now, I'd like to have all the basics added before I post the link)

Brian and I got a little excited today when we saw a father and infant son wearing matching baseball caps. He thought that was effin' cute and couldn't stop laughing over it. So that's good. He's finally getting excited about the baby now... I think the shock has worn off. He keeps saying things like... "Wouldn't it be amazing to have twins? God I hope my sperm is that awesome!" and "I can't wait to build things out of Legos!!!"

He is also worried a little bit. I can tell, because he will randomly tell me that everything is going to be ok. I'll just be sitting there, playing a game, and he'll tell me "we're going to be fine. Poorer people than us have been having babies." Or "Hell my parents had three kids and they are worse off than we are!" I think he's worried. Ha. Calm down, Daddy. Go take a chill pill.

I have so many things I want to get done! I have no idea where to start. Tomorrow I think I'll visit Babies R Us and get overwhelmed with baby cuteness. It sounds like a good idea. And maybe... a manicure. Oh. Heaven.

I also purchased "What to Expect When You're Expecting". It's my 1st official baby purchase (unless you count the yarn...) so that makes me happy! And I got Brian that "Caveman's Guide" :) <-- I just purchased that, like... now! Ha.

Okay, I'm going back to my baby blanket. I'm almost ready to add the third color! Once I get the first three stripes done, then I will post a pic.


  1. I heard the first baby is the most nerve-wracking because you are nervous about what to do and what not to do! My mom says by the 2nd or 3rd, the baby practically raises itself LOL! I'm a firstborn

    I can't wait to be a mommy but babies ARE expensive.

  2. Christy,

    I've been away from the blogs for what? a few days? And you go and get pregnant!! Seriously, I am so happy for you and wish you all the best. I can't wait to hear about your baby adventures! Congrats, from Auntie LyndawithaY! : )

  3. Please don't read "What to Expect.." I did and it was the WORST thing ever. My hubs hid or threw it away it was freaking me out so much lol!

    Congrats on your beano :)

  4. Here's another blog that's doing a give-away!http://www.everclevermom.com/
    Brian's completely right. When times are tough and you're a family, you just figure it out. :) Life is an adventure - ya just have the baby pack on your back now as you adventure through.


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