Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baby Registry Bonanza!

Brian and I went to Babies R Us today and updated our registry. I definitely had a lot more fun actually seeing all the products in person. We even picked out furniture! Hahaha... remember, I'm trying to win my registry, and you can help me do that by clicking here! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me out lots!! I'm poor, remember?? :) Thank you all so much!! You can play once a day and help me rack up entries. If just 10 of you guys did it, I could have 100 entries in 10 days, so help me help me :) If you guys help me win (may 2-june 27) I will host a super special giveaway!! I already got a great idea for that!

Brian really got into it as we were nearing the toys. He loves baby toys, I guess! Anyway here are some cute pics of things I really like.

I think we are going for a zoo theme, mostly because it's gender-neutral, but mostly because baby animals are effing cute!

This is on our registry

If we have a girl, I'm soooo getting this. It has a canopy!

I love this! They had a motorcycle one for boys too.

This is on the registry!

What an adorable high chair... 

I like this one too!

I love this!

This one is cute too!

this one looks like lamb fleece, but I don't think it really is

Brian wants this carrier! How macho!
I stopped taking pictures after we got the scanner for the registry. Apparently I can only operate one electronic device at a time.

I added a whole lot of diapers and diaper wipes to the list too- buy me diapers!!! I had so much fun. I thought the baby store was going to be overwhelming but it was well laid out and I had a pretty easy time finding everything after I got my bearings. Brian kept saying "what is THIS?" and "why do we need one of THOSE?" and when I looked at formula or bottles he asked me "I thought you were going to breastfeed?" He's so clueless. It's cute.


  1. I love this! Congratulations again! Hope you win the sweepstakes :)

  2. Ooo! Since you're a budget mama - have you considered making your own babyfood? It can save a TON! :)


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