Monday, May 2, 2011

Best Baby Books Ever

I found a baby book for both Brian and I.

Here's his

and here is mine

Both of them are written in a humorous tone, which always helps. I could not stop laughing at the "Let's Panic" book and Brian seemed to enjoy the "Caveman's Guide" which is nice, since he doesn't read much.

He will be reading a lot more! Ha!

We didn't buy either book but we did read a good chunk of them in Barnes and Noble.

I'd like to eventually own both of these books. I've put them on my "list of baby shit to get"

So far the list looks like this

Yarn 3 colors
Baby books

But I'm still in the early months.


  1. LOL at those book titles!

  2. dont forget to get what to expect when you are expecting best one ever


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