Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Weigh In: Baby Edition 1

It's the first weigh in since I found out I was pregnant. And its not good. We have been doing a lot of celebrating and that of course means eating out. Yesterday I ate an 8 ounce steak, rice pilaf, AND a whole house salad... obviously its out of control.

I'm insanely bloated. I can feel the water sloshing around in my stomach. I haven't been able to go to the bathroom. I'm irritable.

I'm up 4 lbs.

I'm sure not all of it is food related. After all, I found out I was pregnant on Thursday and its now Monday. There was no way I ate 4 lbs of extra food in those days. That is insane. Especially since I have been mostly tracking.

Part of it is hormones from the pregnancy. I know this because my body is changing in other ways too. My 44DDD's are getting even bigger. They feel stretched. I have acne on my face, neck and other parts of my body (back, bum, etc) that I don't normally get. I feel tired all the time. I don't really feel hungry. I'm crampy.

I am struggling with this whole healthy eating whole foods thing. I just cannot seem to get into it. Even for the baby. I feel like I am failing at this point. It doesn't help seeing a gain on the scale either. But I'll keep doing what I have to. Pushing myself one day at a time until it stops being so hard and then only becomes mildly annoying. If I do it enough, it will become second nature. I hope.

Weight: 223 (+4)


  1. Sorry that you had a gain :( Gains suck! I too, had a gain. I pouted for ever!! Yay on the baby news though, that in itself is a huge blessing!! And I agree, maybe if you try enough to eat whole foods it will become second nature, just like blogging and tracking your food. :) Wishing you the best of luck!! Aww I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Ya know, I'm not preggers and I can gain 6lbs in 2 days from eating and moving differently than I usually do. If it's sodium related, with enough water, it should flush right out. You're right about the acne being hormone related.
    Eating whole/fresh is a tough transition from pre-prepared foods. They seem bland at first, but it DOES getting better! :) Hang in there!


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