Sunday, May 1, 2011

Family Shenanigans

Brian's parents are coming by today. I am making Berry Cobbler. I'm pretty excited because cake + anything = delicious. 16 servings, 4 Points+ per serving, hey that's delicious! I can't wait. What a great way to use up some fruit.

I found that my prenatal vitamins (which are all natural and do not contain any wheat, soy, corn, dairy, etc) have peppermint oil and peppermint leaf in them to help with nausea. Maybe that is why I have been so lucky. Or maybe I'm not at the nauseous stage yet. I don't know. Hope this lasts though.

I find I keep doodling side views of pregnant bellies. Ha!

The cobbler is in the oven as we speak. His parents will probably be here with in the next half hour or so. I am dressed up in that cute size 16 dress I bought

The in laws haven't seen the new apartment. Which doesn't sound so bad- after all, we only moved in the beginning of March. They haven't met Max either... which sounds a little worse, because we got Max in January. Ha! Oh well, my parents havent seen the new place or the new dog.

Gotta go. Family time

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  1. Hope the cobbler was a hit!
    Peppermint IS great for nausea. I hear some ladies never really have problems with things like nausea and acne - though I think those are usually first trimester things, so you're still really early in the game.

    Going to try to pass on new recipes once a week! We'll see how good I get at that. :)


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