Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Favorite Dinner

My favorite dinner is chicken quesadillas! I love them!

I've got some grilled chicken that I shred/chop (depending on level of laziness- its far easier to shred!) some 'taco flavored' cheese, soft flour tortillas from my favorite company, Mission!, and a little bit of salsa. I don't over do it on the salsa any more... I'm pregnant and my tolerance for spicy food went out the door.

I like to have rice with my chicken quesadillas, too, but I'm far too lazy to make that tonight. It's just going to be cheesy chicken fest for me tonight.

I love the term cheese quesadilla.... doesn't quesadilla itself mean "cheese tortilla"?? lol

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  1. Quesadillas are amazing to make fast and delicious!


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