Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Tub Full of Clothes

I got the baby clothes from my parents' house the other day. My goodness. It's full of baby clothes, mostly for a little boy, but some of it is gender neutral enough for a girl.

I have a car seat now too!

I would show you pictures... but I lost my camera charger and I am so broke right now I can't afford a new one.

I'd take pics on my iPhone but we don't have enough light in the house to make good pics. Not that I am trying to win any blog awards for "best photography ever" but still.

its one of those heavy duty tubs that you put Christmas stuff in, or other storage, completely full to the top of baby clothes.

My mom also bought 125 baby diapers on eBay for $40. So far, we have clothes ranging from 0-12 months, a carseat, and 125 diapers all for $50. Pretty good deal! My dad is going to sand down my old dresser and repaint it for us, so we can have a dresser for the baby.

Things are moving right along for this impending child.

How am I doing? I'm doing really well. I'm holding steady at 223.8 lbs (down from 224.6) and I am battling a queasy stomach some days. Right now, I feel fine. I have been trying to eat smaller meals and more often (good advice, no matter what your status) and it's been working.

I get so tired. I walk up stairs to our apartment and I am beat. 20 stairs!! That's all it takes to leave me huffing and puffing like a wounded buffalo. I can feel a huge difference. Not that I was running up the stairs before, but I was doing 3.5 miles on the elliptical 3 times a week and now I can barely keep my eyes open.

We are doing alright. It sucks because right now money is so so tight... like as in ... pick and choose what bills to pay, can I sell this? and hurry, find all the spare change you can. Luckily our grocery bill plummeted. Brian eats at work, and when he's not eating at work, he's eating cereal. I have things like spaghetti-o's and ravioli, so I am not eating much either. I'm eating more frequently, but lot smaller meals. I just don't have much of an appetite these days.

Brian's doing what he can to pick up more hours at work, and I am doing the same with my work at home job. I wish I could get another part time job... but so far, no such luck. :( Maybe someday.

I called all of our bill companies and told them what was going on financially and we got a lot of leeway so that is good. It helps when you have been on time with a lot of these companies for ages and they understand life has unexpected events. I love it though, when they try to figure out how much you can pay this month, and you say... "Well... I've got $5." and then they are all sympathetic. "You know what, hun, we can just defer your payment this month. It's alright." haha... don't do it every month though.

I'm not gripin', honestly. I know that times are tough, and that we will pull through. Little things make me happy. Like my dog finally wagging his tail. Like a tub full of baby clothes. Like a carseat. A free crib. You know, things like that :)

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