Saturday, May 14, 2011


My screw in my eyeglasses came loose. Brian and I decided to fix it, except we didn't have an eyeglass screwdriver, so we bought one ($2.01) The screw in my glasses is so tiny, it's tinier than this hyphen here - and it was supposed to fit through 3 equally microscopic holes. Brian tried to fix it, but the whole screw came out (remember it's only this big -) and we spent the better part of an hour trying to put it back in. We also tried to put a longer screw in (the ones that came with the screwdriver kit) but that wouldn't fit either.

Brian had to leave for work. I am blind without my glasses. BLIND. I called Wal-Mart Vision Center and asked if they could repair my glasses. They could. Was it free? Oh yeah. Great, I'll be there lickity-split. I still have my old glasses and put them on, but they made me feel drunk and nauseous. I could see alright, but everything was tilted forward, like I was half-way falling, and they hurt my eyes so much my stomach started churning. Good thing I live about 2 blocks from Wal-Mart. Brian couldn't take me, so I had to go on my own.

I got there no problem, and 5 minutes later, they had fixed my glasses. I took off the old wretched ones and put the new ones on. It feels great being able to see again!

I also got Brian an anniversary card while I was there. I found one I know he will like. It's a little kid with a blanket tied around his shoulders, standing with hands on hips in classic superhero pose. It says something to the effect of him always being my super hero on the outside, and tender & loving on the inside and how I love both sides of him or something.

I can't remember. :( I already signed it and put it in the envelope. LOL I know its a good one because it made me cry reading it.... but truth be told, everything makes me cry these days :)

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