Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I bought a new shirt tonight. Normally I wear an XL in the "Misses" section and it fits- not tight across the chest, tummy, or arms. Long enough to cover the tummy. I like being an XL, but I feel way more comfortable in a 1X.

I like the length of the 1X, it's designed to have more fabric covering the tummy area. And that is one area I am not overly excited about on my body.

I learned a while ago that honestly, it doesn't matter if the shirt is a L or a 1X its how you feel in it. There are more and more cute cuts of clothing for bigger women (probably because as a nation, we're pretty obese) but besides that, its more important how you feel about yourself. I choose brighter colors and patterns now, and go for shirts that are more flattering to my shape. I also wanted a shirt that would fit me for a while, since my burgeoning tummy is just going to get bigger.

Sure, I could be depressed that a 1X fits me better, and therefore is probably closer to my true size... OR I can just be happy I found a cute shirt that I feel comfortable wearing in public, without feeling like a fat slob.

My mom told me a long time ago that confidence is the best accessory a woman can wear. No matter what you are wearing, a little confidence goes a long way. I learned that it's so much more effort to be depressed and negative about body appearance than it is just to be happy.

It's really not that hard, either. I could look in the mirror and say "Jesus, you fat ass. You have been trying to lose weight for over two years, and you've only managed to drop 20 lbs you piece of shit." And then get depressed, hate myself, and go eat half a pizza...


I can look in the mirror, in my new lilac purple shirt with a pretty design on it and see the whole picture. I can say "wow your hair looks really good at this length, and your glasses compliment your blue eyes. I often forget just how pretty my eyes are. This shirt is slimming, since it isn't clinging to me."

I still might eat half a pizza. I love pizza. :)

Anyone struggling with "size" issues with clothing I have one suggestion.... Cut the f*&king tags out. Seriously. Buy the clothes that *honestly* truly fit you. Find the ones that flatter *your figure* and then buy it, and cut out the damn tag. The number there is made up anyway, so why let it ruin your day.

This has been a Public Service Announcement from He Took My Last Name


  1. now your talking the truth yay christie you are beautiful love those blue eyes :>)

  2. Women's clothing is the WORST too! What is a Large or an XL in one shirt, isn't necessarily the same as another shirt. There is no "standard" size 14/16 etc. It's frustrating, but it is JUST a number. If you wear something that flatters your body type, that you look good in - F* the size. Just roll w/ it. I was bummed when I went to a size D bra cup. The left is bigger than the right - so I have to fit the larger one (or buy really expensive bras). Now, that said, no one can really tell that I have an overachiever and an underachiever, but I just liked "C"s better for some reason.
    However, D's flatter me w/o pinching, so D's it is!

  3. 20 pounds in 2 years is actually really good maintainable progress. You're doing fabulous. Excellent job recentering on your good points. You are so wise.


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