Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Appointment

I finally got an appointment to see a doctor. It will be approximately 2 more weeks before I can get in and that will bring me to about... 3 months/12 weeks and nearly out of my first trimester.

I'm a little apprehensive, because I have not been able to get in to a doctor yet, but I have been taking my vitamins every day, I've been trying to not over do anything, and I have kept my weight steady. In 10 weeks, I am up 2.5 lbs, which I think is excellent.

All of the reading I have done suggests that obese women who are pregnant only need to gain 15-20 lbs MAX during their pregnancy, while a woman with a normal BMI is to gain at least 35 lbs.

I would really only like to gain 10 lbs, since I am so short, and so fat, therefore I have a high BMI. The more weight I gain, the harder it is going to be on me and the baby physically.

I still don't "feel" pregnant. I get nauseous a little or I will be RAVENOUS, eat three or four bites, and then feel "FULL" even though I know I am not. My breast tenderness has subsided and they are only slightly bigger than they were before.

If it weren't for the sudden onslaught of acne, I would honestly not know I was pregnant (sans missing period, and the 40K pregnancy tests I took). I have acne all over, in weird places. Like my stomach. WTF? Hormones at work. My hair seems fuller and thicker, which is so so nice!

I called my Granny yesterday to tell her we were reasonably certain we were going to have a boy and the first thing out of her mouth was "Bless your heart! My prayers were answered!"

She cracks me up. She is very old fashioned- she wants boys to carry on the family name, and I don't blame her. Previously, before Brian took my last name, it was just my dad, my mom and me. And I am a girl, so a bit of a disappointment there. I'm still her favorite grandchild though. It's probably because I live so far away, so it's always a special time when we visit.

I told her I didn't think we would be able to come and visit her this year and she said "you shouldn't be traveling in your condition!" and ordered me to bed rest. She's priceless.

She also asked me if I was going to deliver "normally" or have that "Cesar procedure" (C-section) I said I had no idea but if at all possible would like to go the normal route.

She also told me to not over do anything but to get the baby's room painted as soon as we can as it will be easier on me now versus later. Lol

That's all the news I have in baby land today.


  1. Your G-Ma sounds like a sweetie!! How fun! Aww, reading all your baby posts leaves me with this GIANT smile on my face!! How exciting!! Have you been looking into names?? Or is it too soon?? I dont know when things are suppose to be done or planned out... so don't blame me. ;)

    Good luck with your fist appnt!! And :( Sorry about the weird acne ... sucky!!

  2. Aw.. That's awesome! I don't have any living grandparents. They are a treasure!


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