Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Prediction Results

I took the test this morning and it was a boy result. We were actually expecting it to be a boy, since Brian's side of the family has had all boys for the last three generations hehe :)

I am so happy. I would have been happy with a girl too, and remember it's 90% accurate, so there is still some room for error, and I won't know for sure until the baby is born, but we have settled on a boy name and a girl name so we are prepared either way.

The test itself is really simple to do. You pee in a cup, then use a syringe and pull 20 ML out and insert it into the cap of the test container, swirl rapidly/gently to mix and leave it to simmer for 5 minutes. It's some sort of chemical reaction in there. I suspect, that if there is testosterone then it reacts with the little particles in the test container, turning your sample from yellow to green. If there isn't any present, then you can assume it's a girl, as it remains relatively unchanged.

I spent a lot of time analyzing this sample, a little more than one probably should, but at first, I couldn't really tell. Then I thought about it- it turned slightly greenish-yellow, and I knew we had a boy. If there was no testosterone it would have stayed yellow or orange but it had a tinge of green to it. So I called in my local color expert, Brian, and he immediately said "Green" when he looked at it. I didn't tell him what color meant what, so he didn't bias it.

It was green, and therefore we are reasonably certain that we are having a boy.

Little Corben Dallas! And yeah, mom, you can call him Cory or Ben for short. I like Cory. If you want to be all hip and cool, I guess you can even just call him Dallas. :)

90% of me is excited to have a boy... I want a boy... but 10% of me is sad it's not a girl. Maybe. There is still room for error. Who knows! :)

Also the chemical reaction of whatever is in the test + the urine... smells awful. It smells like urine mixed with a hint of burning metal. The test also becomes hot, so I assume that's another reason they tell you to leave it alone.

I can't wait to paint the nursery! I just had a great idea for how I wanted it to look. We really want to go with a zoo animal theme, and Brian is going to paint a mural on the walls for our child. I can see it in my head and I know that he would love to do it, so I am going to see if he thinks it's possible.

One great thing about being married to an artist, it means I can bring all the visions in my head to life without getting frustrated that my hand won't do what my head wants! Now I can make his hand do what my head wants! :)

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