Friday, June 3, 2011


Yay! My new phone arrived today- 4 days ahead of schedule! Turns out it was shipped Priority from Michigan and that's only a hop, skip and a jump away from Indiana! Huzzah!

We did not get Brian's car fixed yesterday, but my dad is coming up early tomorrow with tools and a soldering iron (???) to help Brian out. It will be manly.

Brian is taking my car to work today, and he works a lot today! Usually he works from 5:00-8:30 pm, but tonight he is working 6:00 pm-12:30 am! He is driving for 4-5 hours and then closing! Hurray!

I picked up some goodies from my parents house and it is my intention to take pictures of them and post them. I think I will have to actually use the flip cam, since I can't find my camera cord. I can't wait to show you all the goodies!!

-Baby clothes galore (including onesies, footie-nammies, bibs, shoes, socks, hats!)
-Car seat
-High chair
-Baby toys
-Breast pump
-265 newborn diapers

I got approved for health care now I can finish up some other applications I have.
I can also make a doctor's appointment (FINALLY) to see where I am at, baby wise. I just hope my healthier habits have helped.

I have a "major wound" :( The first day I decided to wear shorts outside (it was 90 degrees out) I was outside with Brian and Max. Max was running in circles around me, and his extend-able leash cord zipped across the back of my thigh- all 16 feet of it. It's in a bad place too, right above the back of the knee. I got rope burn from it, and it hurt but I thought I would be okay. It was just swollen and sting-y, but as the day went on, it got redder and started to bleed (I know! gross!) My grandma put some hydrogen peroxide on it, and I put 5 band-aids on it, wrapped it in gauze and an ACE bandage. But it still got worse as it scabbed over. Now it hurts to walk, put on pants, stretch, etc. It's finally starting to heal but it still hurts like I never thought it would...

Brian has been teasing me that Max is trying to sabotage our pregnancy, since he pulled me down the stairs (I got pulled off the last three, and nearly fell on my face) now he tried to cut off my leg. He also refuses to obey me any more. He won't sit, stay, go lay down, go to bed, go potty anymore. He just sits there and shakes uncontrollably... like I beat him or something. Which I never have. It's irritating.

Brian gets paid Monday which will be nice. It's nice having steady income again. Hopefully we will be able to pay everything this month.

I need to call AT&T and switch our plan now that we have new phones. No more internet for us! :)


  1. If you're afraid you can't pay everything this month, why did you eat out today?

  2. I got a similar rope burn from my dogs leash and a friend told me to keep the wound moist with baby oil or Vaseline. It helped so much with that stiff feeling and tugging at the skin. Also, I think that is why I don't have a scar.

  3. I haven't eaten out today... not sure where you got that from Anonymous, but thanks for your concern. No worries though, I'm a big girl, I can tie my own shoes and everything.

  4. Everyone has a different idea of budgets. You're doing great. I bet you even have big girl panties. :)

  5. Budgets are great, but I know I have to spend a couple bucks a week on frivolous things like eating out just so I don't go insane. But I budget for that, too.

    I just wanna say thanks for your comment earlier on my blog. There are plenty of things I like about myself, but I guess I have this mindset that the good doesn't make up for the "bad". I really appreciate your support. : )

  6. hope u dont think anonymous was gramma i always put a :>) on mine love u :>)


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