Monday, July 25, 2011

Achy Breaky Back

I think the most trouble I've had with being pregnant has been the fact that I am not a side sleeper. I sleep on my back or stomach. Unfortunately, now I can no longer do that comfortably. I have to learn to sleep on my side.

It sucks. If I sleep on my back, it constricts blood flow because of my bigger belly. My legs go numb and eventually, so do my arms, if I don't wake up. I can't sleep on my stomach, either, because my body weight presses on my stomach and it hurts.

So on the side I sleep. Except I can't get comfortable. I don't have any back support, so my entire back hurts from my neck to my hips. I put a pillow between my knees to help ease any joint pain (and there is always joint pain, my hips and knees are acting up) There have been more than one night where I cannot sleep in my own bed, and I have to sleep on the couch. At least the couch is comfortable, big and fluffy, with a nice supportive back rest.  It's upsetting, because I actually like sleeping in the same bed as my husband (shock, I know)

He's promised me that we can push the bed up against the wall, that way I can lay with my back against the wall. It will give me a little back support and I will be able to sleep on my side better, without ending up on my back with numb extremities.

There are pregnancy body pillows, but I don't have money right now to buy one. I really don't mind sleeping on the couch for now if I have to to be comfortable. After all, I still have 5 months to go... It's only going to get worse.

I also can't really... bend over any more with out getting pain in my stomach. So that pretty much makes me useless.

Ah well.

So that's all that's going in. I'm tired, unable to sleep comfortably, and I can't bend over. :P


  1. Try sleeping on your back, but prop up your right side slightly, as this will take pressure off the vena cava (large vein on the right side that carries blood supply from your body to your heart). If the vena cava gets compressed it causes the symptoms you describe. Hope you get some sleep!


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