Monday, July 25, 2011


I gave up Facebook the moment that I got invited to Google+. I figured, no one would miss me (after all it's Facebook) and that I would not be missing out on anything.

Turns out, I was wrong. A lot of people kept asking me "did you delete Facebook?" and Brian got a few questions too "Where did your wife go?"

But it was no one I couldn't get a hold of or convert to G+, so all is well. The other thing? Since ditching Facebook, I've practically ditched Twitter too. Also, I noticed a few of my regular reads were only regular because they posted to one of those two websites. So I missed out on quite a few blogs lately.

I think it all started with me giving up my iPhone. I know that is unfathomable to some people that I don't miss it (yes, you Mom) but honestly, it's great. Did you know I only have to charge my cell phone once a week? And it only takes an hour to charge? You have no idea how great it feels to have actual keys under your fingers when you are typing!

I thought I would really miss being so connected and plugged in. Turns out, I don't. Every time I get online now, it feels like the first time in AGES, even though I work on the computer all day. I am not checking FB/Twitter constantly. I'm not checking Google+ constantly either. It's so... nice to be ....normal again!

What's one thing you gave up that you didn't think you could?


  1. I did away with Facebook for about 6 months while I got my life in order. It helped me recover from some toxic friendships that I didn't really realize were draining because THE ONLY way these people kept in touch was via Facebook, yet I'd be sure to write an actually letter, randomly send a care package, or call just to say hi. It was SO freeing! I didn't miss it. Other people were surprised, but it cut out a LOT of drama and was awesome.
    I went BACK to Facebook when Sean and I got engaged. His family uses it to keep in touch and since they hadn't met me, they REALLY wanted us back so they could check in w/ us, without having to subscribe to blogs and shutterfly and all that jazz. Oh well! I actually wish I could kick Facebook to the curb again. A therapist friend of mine and I mused about how we're getting less "connected" with people, and yet we "connect" to more people and devices than we ever thought.
    I do tweet, but only for the Disney fan magazine I'm part of. I post something MAYBE once a week.
    I'd rather blog and read blogs than do any of that. I feel blogging is a more thoughtful and thought-provoking outlet. But that's just me!

  2. cable. When I moved in with my husband. He has never had it in his house. I thought I would never live without it. Now I love it. I don't care anymore. We have instant Netflix so we can watch movies and old TV shows. For the time we actually have it works out perfectly for us! Amazing what you think you can't live without until you do! Then it's not so bad!

  3. Coffee and chips. I used to love both of them, but the first makes me sick and the second, since I broke my jaw I am unable to eat them. As a bonus I've lost a little weight. Haha!


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