Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's Not My Colon, It's a Semi-Colon

Ha, grammar humor.

Oh, I was thinking of how miserable I was feeling, how I had sharp pain in my abdomen every time I tried to go to the bathroom, and how my laxatives were only solving half the problem....

I started Googling.

"Why does my lower abdomen hurt?"
"Where is the colon located?"
"What are the symptoms of UTI?"
"Where is the bladder located?"

And here is what I discovered....

-Ab pain is commonly caused by constipation.
-Ab pain can also be a symptom of an UTI
-I have a UTI. I keep forgetting, even though I'm taking my meds.
-The sharp pain could be my bladder reacting to the medication/bacteria infection and is irritated.
-I feel I constantly have to urinate, even when I don't have to.
-That is a normal symptom of a UTI but also pregnancy... so no wonder I was confused.

I think my problem is actually both of these things working against me and in unison, constipation and bladder infection, so I am going to just do what anyone else would do. Keep up my fluid intake, up my fiber intake, and take my medication. I'm also going to get some cranberry juice too, to help flush out my bladder.

...That's annoying.

Don't worry. I'll pull through! I'm the type who can handle this kind of thing. Whenever I'm sick or something, sure I'll bitch, but I do take care of myself. I have been sleeping on the couch though, because of its closer proximity to the bathroom versus my bed... Now that we moved the bed against the wall, it's hard for me to get in and out of bed a lot, especially with a dog at my feet. So poor Brian has been sleeping alone. I say poor Brian, but really he has the whole bed (queen size) to himself, so it's really not that bad! :) I told him tonight that I was going to sleep on the sofa again, and he was already half asleep. He said "That's okay. I would probably do that too."

"Do what?"

"Form volcanoes and stuff." Snooooore.

Hahah. He will be okay :)

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  1. Can you take some of those Cystex or other bladder numbing agents?


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