Sunday, July 31, 2011

Squeak Squeaker Squeakin'

Today was such a good day. We went to visit my parents, got a steak dinner, went grocery shopping, hung out you know how it goes. But the best part for Max? Well, "Uncle Goober" (my parents' dog) "donated" a handful of his toys for my dog to play with.

Y'see, I'm not sure how this exactly started... but some how or another, Goober got very spoiled. If you went to the store and did not bring him home a dog toy, he got very upset. So now my mom and grandma constantly buy him toys. Almost every time they go out. And he has a large cardboard box filled with toys that he has played with and forgotten... until I started rooting though it, then he got upset. Spoiled! But it's funny.

I picked out a handful of plastic squeaky toys that I thought Max might like. One of them is a giant, green, rubber chicken. It has the most annoying squeaker ever... something between a loud squawk and a baby crying....

Anyway, once Goober saw that I took it out of  his box, he wanted to play with it! It's miiiine, Goober was saying as he was playing with it. Luckily I was able to distract him with a peanut butter filled Kong and then I stole it haha!

Of all the toys I brought home for Max, he loves that damn chicken the best, just like I thought he would. It's cute, he just sits there and squawks it for ages.

He also has a squeaky ice cream cone, a long thin dog thing, Mrs. Clause's head, a bone decorated with Jingle Bells and mistletoe...

Max would just like to say "thank you" for Uncle Goober's generosity :)

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  1. awe how cute yay for max, goober has lots to share so yay cant help we love all our dogs gramma :>)


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