Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animals in SPAAACE!

Brian is your typical guy in that he likes science fiction, monkeys, and pretty much anything cheesy. In fact, he wants to paint the baby's room in- get this- a space theme.

No surprise! The boy does like his space ships and robots.

But I wanted zoo animals. Especially giraffes.

So now he wants to paint it all like baby animals in space. Not wearing space suits, just helmets. 

How freaking cool is that?? 

I told him that we even had to do the lettering like they do on cheesy movies and posters. 


So that's the new theme, I guess. 

Can't you just picture an alligator, floating in the vacuum of space, with just a big, oblong helmet on his head? Yeah, me too. 


  1. Oh my god. Can you two please go back in time and paint MY baby room? Animals in space is the best decor idea I've ever heard!

  2. I have some friends who did a cool space theme! They stuck to realism, but the painter used glow in the dark paint on the ceiling to pain the "Stars" Invisible during the day time, as soon as they turned off the lights, baby had her own solar system glowing above her! It was wicked cool!
    Love the helmet idea! (I thought the same thing when you mentioned combining them both!)


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